Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The best view I ever had from a toilet

The Mail online ran an article on the toilets with the best views in the world. Many are on the peaks of mountains or the edge of beautiful ocean vistas. Most would be worth visiting.

It reminded me of one outdoor toilet on Easter Island. It was at the ranch where we stayed the night during our horseback riding trip around the entire island. This ranch was within walking distance of Terevaka which contains Rana Raraku, the volcanic crater and quarry where the special stone for the moai (the stone heads) comes from. You could see the volcano dotted with moai that never made it to there final locations. Unfortunately some of these pictures were only taken with the old crappy Treo camera, so they'll never be in a glossy magazine.

The Toilet

The View.

The Moai on the volcano closeup.

Mostly carved but unfinished moai in the quarry itself.

The view of camp and the toilet from the volcano. The toilet is next to the red house. Click on the picture for larger.


whirdly said...

Did you forget the rats?

The Virtual Ranger said...

I read the article (in the actual paper) and enjoyed it... but couldn't help wondering what happens to all the... err... well, you know. It's not really going to be easy to get rid of it from right up there on the top of Mount Where-ever.

I've spent many a happy hour dealing with blocked toilets in my professional capacity so it was inevitable, I guess, that those spectacular views would inspire such base thoughts.

Richard said...

Rats, roaches and the final resting place of the waste were left out of the post because I was trying to get on the toilets with the best view list not the worst toilets list.