Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Delaware Crazy Blue Hen Criminal Roundup with extra fireworks

This chapter of the Delaware Crazy Blue Hen Roundup features the intentional and unintentional lawbreakers of Delaware.

A Fowl Crime Indeed: I wonder if taxidermy has as many regulations as tax preparation. This taxidermist was caught illegally stuffing some birds without a permit. He needed a permit to keep migratory waterfowl in his shop and he was busted by an undercover Fish and Wildlife Enforcement agent. There are undercover agents that actually investigate these crimes? That is more surprising than the crime itself. (plush blue hen with sound at Amazon)

Numismatastic: This couple remodeled their home recently and were rewarded with an extra bonus of $1,100 in change, pennies, quarters, and silver dollars, that they rescued from the previous owner's bar and kitchen counter decorations. They freed the hundreds of dollars in embedded coinage by soaking the coins in paint remover to unstick them from countertop and each other. A penny remodeled is a penny earned?

Bananas stolen, Monkeys questioned: The Port of Wilmington is the major northeast port for the Dole Company. Apparently fruit master criminals know this as well as they stole $40,000 in bananas from the port. Obviously authorities are looking at know monkey crime bosses in the area for clues to the whereabouts of the missing fruit. I have seen bananas for around $1/lb or even less so that is a 20 ton load of bananas in two trucks. How the crooks will fence these bananas is anybodies guess. This theft is on the heals of the theft of a truckload of chickens donated to a local food bank. Police are questioning foxes guarding the henhouse where the incident took place.

Fireworks are illegal in Delaware - even the Billboards advertising them say that: Just before the 4th of July is the season for fireworks billboards in Delaware. Delaware is such a small state that one can be shopping in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey in only a few minutes, especially to beat taxes on gas or alcohol or restrictions against fireworks. I know that the fireworks stores in Pennsylvania are not even allowed to sell fireworks to Pennsylvania residents. Thus Delawareans can buy them but you can't use them. Not just bottle rockets and big stuff, but no sparklers or even the snaps that you can throw at the ground to make a little noise. Worse, the State Police and Fire Marshall watch to see Delawareans purchase fireworks in PA and then stop them when they cross the state line with the fireworks. I suggest not obviously buying huge quantities of fireworks on July 3rd while undercover police are watching. The police confiscated $1000 worth and arrested five people the week of Independence day.

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