Sunday, July 13, 2008

Belated Independence Day Fireworks Pictures

Wilmington, Delaware had really good fireworks on the Fourth of July this year and we were able to see them up close down on the Christina river on the Riverfront. My technique this year was to watch the fireworks and enjoy them while taking plenty of pictures with my camera, but not pay to much attention to the camera so I could enjoy myself. It worked reasonably well. It doesn't waste film, it's just 1's and 0's in the memory. Here are some examples that I like.

The Building in the background is the River Tower of Christiana Landing, a condo high-rise intended to bring people to live at the Riverfront, which mostly seems to have brought real estate speculators regretting their purchases instead.

They seemed to shoot the fireworks from the base of Christiana landing, I think that if you were watching them from the building you would have been too close, if you can imagine that.

There were fireworks that exploded into smiley faces which I did not catch but there were plenty of pretty blue ones and ones with streamers.


Michael said...

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the Rogers Family said...

Oh yes, happy anniversary of meeting. You took some really great firework picutres