Monday, May 12, 2008

Tree Crushes House on Shipley Road In Wilmington

On the way home from work I saw this tree down because of the wind and wet weather we have been having lately. It made me rush home to see if my trees were still standing (no problems).

Crews were there taking the fallen tree the rest of the way down.

It looks like the tree sheared the roof away as it fell on the front of the house. From the ground it did look like there were holes in the roof and crushed areas due to the tree.

This is my fear - more than a tree breaking in half and falling, sometimes they just uproot and fall over. I don't remember anything remarkable about this tree except that it was a tall maple of some sort. Google Maps street view has the before picture.

This wasn't the only tree that fell in Delaware.

Any tree experts or Rangers out there know how to predict when this will happen and prevent it (I guess by cutting the tree before it cuts you)?

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