Thursday, April 03, 2008

From the correlation is not causation department

Yahoo news tells of a study that reveals that people who buy more than three pairs of sneakers a year are more likely to have leadership "qualities". That's nice but are they actually leaders? Does sneaker purchase correlate with or even cause success or actual leadership? Will millions run out to get their third pair of sneakers to get those great qualities.

The information in this article from a "study" by Mindset Media is more misleading that just confusing correlation with causation because the leadership qualities mentioned - vision and ideas, and an inclusive and decisive style with others - are not really strongly defined so the sneaker purchases are not even really correlating with anything quantitative. It is also part of the postmodern tendency to confuse feelings with facts. There is nothing more postmodern these days than marketing. Not whether the product works, but how it makes you feel. Who doesn't want to be perceived as a leader? Got that third pair of sneaks yet?

I was able to write this post so well because I have recently bought a hybrid car and thus now am 78% more likely to be creative and less dogmatic.*

*actual statistic from the article.

(learn about the mighty crown nike picture above at freshmag)

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I. Emma Skeptic said...

So there were no leaders before the invention of sneakers?

No wonder we're in such serious trouble, dude.