Sunday, March 30, 2008

Google Maps Street View van stops at McDonalds on the way up Concord Pike

I was using the new Google Maps Street View to check that I had the correct gas station on Concord Pike (202) north of Wilmington the other day and I discovered something humorous. Normally the street view just shows the view progressing step by step along the road. As I "travelled" up Concord pike with street view we suddenly turned into the McDonald's and went through the drive through. It was unexpected. The Google Maps software thought that we were on 202 and the official yellow line that indicates the street also says Concord Pike, but you can clearly see that they went to McDonald's. The animated gif below shows the detour.

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At Google Maps, you can see the street view just before the McDonald's, and then in the drive through. You can click on the arrows in the links to duplicate the path in the animated gif. I never would have found this except by accident.

I guess they got hungry. Looking up and down Concord Pike in street view shows that they turned into the parking lots a few times.

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Anonymous said...

Not the first time I have seen a McDonald's drive through on street view. I have seen this quite a few times at different McDonald's locations. Sorta makes you wonder if McDonald's paid Google to have these shots taken.