Thursday, December 20, 2007

I missed the point of fresh squeezed orange juice

We purchased some squeezin' oranges as part of my nephew's fundraising efforts. Then we pulled out the 1950's mixmaster with mechanical squeezer juicer attachment that I have from my parents. That mixer is comfortably older than me, but it works great. Each morning since we have had fresh squeezed orange juice.

My only issue was that the oranges weren't cold so the juice wasn't. I thought I would pop the freshly squeezed juice into the freezer to hurry the cooling process. Then I forgot about it. You can see the next day's result - a frozen block of orange juice on the side of the container. On the side since it was on its side in the freezer.

I am guessing that frozen freshly squeezed orange juice, besides being an oxymoron, defeats the whole purpose and is an abomination unto nature. All this freshly squeezed stuff is wasted on a cretin like me.


Howard said...

So you didn't like it frozen, so you would have preferred it fresh squeezed...

Richard Koehler said...

I accidentally froze it, destroying the fresh squeezedness of it. Those poor oranges, that poor juice. Might as well have been juice from frozen concentrate!