Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The peanuts live on

As archetypes of human behavior the Peanuts have a lot to teach us about ourselves and others. This quiz allows you to find your inner peanut and tell the world.

My results follow:

You are most similar to

"I have affixed to me the dirt and dust of countless ages ... Who am I to disturb history?"

Yes, Pigpen is dirty -- very dirty. But there is more to his personality than his obvious lack of hygiene. To his credit, he is quite secure about his messy appearance, and he dismisses others' concerns about it with eloquence. He has come to accept the filth, and he maintains a rosy outlook despite all. Pigpen is a kind fellow with an independent spirit and an active imagination.

I am cleaner than Pigpen, yet I am proud to hold his worldview.

(via Exploding Aardvark, who else?)

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