Monday, November 05, 2007

Crazy Blue Hen Delaware News Roundup - now with Pumpkins and Dolls

Just where does Delaware end anyway?

This roundup may or may not be coming to you from Delaware, as the state battles with New Jersey over the location of the Delaware River state line boundary. It is not in the middle of the river as you might think. Penn's Grant actually places the Delaware boundary right at the water line on the New Jersey side and this has caused all sorts of problems with a natural gas loading facility - in the river - that companies on the New Jersey side of the river want to put in. Should there ever be an accident it would certainly be felt on the Delaware side of the river, by most of Wilmington, for instance. For environmental and safety reasons, Delaware has said no and the court battle has begun anew, this time all the way to the Supreme Court. You can learn more about the border here. It is quite interesting that Delaware has all of the say about what New Jersey can put in the water along that particular stretch of river.

Mystery Dolls of the Delmarva peninsula

Someone is delivering dolls to the front porches of Dewey, Delaware homes. No one knows who it is. I am sure that it is harmless, but in this day and age of unthinking paranoia, why would anyone think that this is a good idea. If we throw good sense and reality to the wind then we can worry about killer dolls like Chucky and that scary clown from Poltergeist. Leave the dolls at home, people!

Pumpkins fly to their doom.

Have you ever heard of Punkin Chunkin? If not you can't be from Delaware. Every November for 22 years, teams from all over the country compete in lower Delaware with home built machines to fire a pumpkin the farthest distance. This year's winner fired a pumpkin 4,211 feet! Just let that soak in a little - a ten pound pumpkin shot almost a mile. The prevailing technology is air cannons, but there are other classes for catapults and trebuchets, and different age groups. The pumpkin must stay intact until impact. If it blows apart during launch it doesn't count and is called a "pie".

Punkin Chunkin is really just another local festival with extra technology that adds spice to living in Delaware.

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Mike Mahaffie said...

Thanks for the link Rich! This makes a nice round-up of some of our geographic and cultural oddities. Well done.