Saturday, September 29, 2007

Robot Doodles

When I moved to the new house I had unopened boxes of stuff from the last house that I never sorted and culled. Some of that stuff had been sitting at my parents house for years. I never worried about it because it was mostly in their way, until they moved and I took possession again. These boxes are now in my way so I have been at least rearranging them before final disposition.

The fun thing is that there are notebooks from ages ago. Please enjoy some robot doodles from my chemistry class freshman year of college. Aside from these, I notice that most of the doodles are in all the notebooks except the science and math ones. I must have actually been interested and paid attention in those classes.

I should put these on a t-shirt. I was such a better artist then!

Stay tuned for more as I crack open more boxes and explore the archives.

(doodles from ~1986)

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