Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess the T-shirt reference - 'You had me at Klaatu'

I have a new favorite T-shirt designed by the clever folks at TopatoCo (Jeffry Rowland of Overcompensating fame). The clever logo - "You had me at Klaatu". One point for each of the references which combined to make this funny shirt. Points for the movie titles, original lines, characters and actors. No googling, or other search engines or wikipedia, it's gotta come from your own head!

What do you win? The fact of knowing that you might be more geeky than me, a high distinction, and the only thing I got cause I haven't designed any swag for you guys yet. Whirdly is not eligible because she has seen the shirt and knows too much. Put your guesses in the comments please.


Paul Smith Jr. said...

Come on at least make these contests hard. "Gort! Klaatu Borata Nikto!" from "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Hilariously referenced in Army of Darkness.

Richard Koehler said...

Good work Paul! Paul gets 1 point for Gort, 1 point for "Klaatu Borata Nikto", but -.5 for spelling "barada" wrong. Extra half point for the Army of Darkness reference. Total 2 points. Paul is still missing one whole movie.

It's the internet so there is a tradition of being picky. What is the rest of the answer? Any takers?

Howard said...

Renee Zellweger (I forget the character name) to Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise) in Jerry McGuire written and directed by Cameron Crowe

I could do Klaatu Barada Nikto from the Day the Earth Stood Still also. Without checking I don't know who's spelling is right. Gort was the Robot, it was the alien Klaatu (or really the human woman) that said it to him. Directed by Robert Wise, don't know who wrote it.

And I'm amazed these two films could be combined, well done.

Steve No_ said...

For 'Had me' I would have cited the final volume of _Roxy Spaulding, Magical Sporty Slacker Girl_ by Adam Warren (inks, but it's color) on Dark Horse (comics.):

"..away from the creepy boring after-party, if you will, Roxy or Lora or Merlene or whatever your name is."
"Oh Grunge, you had me with Whatever."

Klaatu Veratus Nictum is what I remember from Army of Darkness and Bruce Campbell's role (as the Chosen One trying to recite it once.)

Squiggly spaceships...would be from a TV ad for a '70s product trying to compete with Dow's Scrubbing Bubbles.