Friday, August 31, 2007

Delaware Hedge Clipping Crazy Surfing Blue Hen Lighthouse Roundup

In the "how long til they find you" category - This 85 year old woman just had to trim the hedges, then she just had to dispose of the clippings by throwing them over the side of her property, then she just had to lose her balance doing it and fall down a 20 ft embankment, then she had to subsist on rain and the dew from leaves for 3 days until her son came looking for her. This story jabs straight at my fear that I will fall in a ditch and no one will discover me for days. Could be worse, this guy's body wasn't found for 8 years.

The more magical thinkers among my readers will wonder if this wasn't divine or karmic punishment for disposing of the clippings over the hedges, but I see clear cause and effect here.

From the "Hey Buddy wanna buy a lighthouse?" section- Two bidders have driven a federal auction for the Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse off the coast of Delaware up to $195,000. The auction was supposed to close a week ago but has continued as two tycoons known only as "andy#222" and "latea" continue to trade bids. I can't see why anyone (meaning any hermit) could pass on this opportunity. The lighthouse can only be reached by boat and has no dock once you get there, has no plumbing or electric, the buyer must allow the coast guard access because it is an active light, and it cannot be altered because it is on the register of Historical Places. It may also contain asbestos. (.pdf of info on the bid)

I personally would love to own a lighthouse. Maybe I will go in and snipe this auction at the last minute a la eBay.

From the "Hang ten dude" files - I guess the waves aren't high enough on the Atlantic ocean off of Delaware's beaches because this man thought it would be fun to car surf. It ended much as you would imagine - "Bendistis fell off and hit his head on the ground, police said." Unfortunately he didn't seem to be using his head too much when he got the car surfing idea in the first place. Cowabunga dude.

Extra bonus: So the Virtual Ranger doesn't complain, here is a surfing blue hen, and a surfing blue hen.


The Virtual Ranger said...

Yay! A surfing blue hen - it's a blue hen, that surfs! All's right with the world :)

The Virtual Ranger said...

And another thing... in the Solent, near me, I have all my life sailed past the the seaforts and fantasised about living there - such romantic fastnesses. Most of them are now private and they do come up for sale now and again. A couple of years ago I got a chance to go onto one of them. Bah! Dismal, cold, wet, dark, cramped... just like some sort of fort really! Definitely better as a dream never realised...