Sunday, August 05, 2007

A diseased quiz

Expoding Aardvark continues to push the envelope of self-awareness and flawed comparisons with her find of the " Which Horrible Disease Are You?" quiz. While she was influenza, I present to you:

Your Score: Lyme Disease!
You scored 28% pestilentiality!

Not particularly social, are we? You are contracted by lone hikers who are trying to enjoy the nature that you just so happen to be a part of. You live in ticks. That's pretty gross, I think.

Your symptoms include a bull's eye-esque rash, and then a constellation of vague clinical signs: fatigue, muscle pain, and most famously, paralysis! You are not contagious person to person, per se, just don't let any of those granola-loving dog-walkers pass you by, lest you miss your golden opportunity.

It may delight you to know that you result from bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi.

It matches my loner, don't realize I am inside you until you have crippling joint pain persona.

Which Horrible Disease Are You?

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