Thursday, July 26, 2007

Simpson fan, Simpsonize thyself, doh!

The Simspson movie has all of us Simpsons fans a buzz. You can share in the excitement by taking a photo of yourself and getting it Simpsonized over at SimpsonizeMe. The site is slow and quirky but perseverance is rewarded with your very own Simpsons character based on you. The site is also sponsored by Burger King, but that's OK, they have good onion rings. If you go and do it leave a comment with the link so that I may enjoy your creation.

You can also place the character is various Springfield locations. I have chosen the nuclear power plant to suit my scientific and engineering bent.

You can also create one using a collection of characteristics at the Simpsons movie web site. Some preferred that method. I liked the plug and chug method at Simsonize me a little better.

By the way 10 Zen Monkeys has gathered many Simpsons drug references, with clips. has joined the excitement of Star Wars (ho hum) to the humor of the Simpsons by cataloguing many Simpsons Star Wars references.

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