Sunday, July 08, 2007

Poorly chosen ad suggests eco-catastrophe

If Sherwin-Williams really did "Cover the Earth" with the zillions of gallons of paint it would take to make this advertisement a reality, I think that would rate as an extiction level event.

I would also imagine that any chemical company (paint contains chemicals) would shy away from the image of pouring their product all over everything. I love chemicals, but appreciate the correct application of them.


Anonymous said...

This is a trademark symbol that has been around for over a century. It was created by a small company with the hopes of becoming a world-class company. Which Sherwin has. This is one of, if not the most, easily recognized trademarks in the world. You looking at it like it was some new eco-threat just shows your stupidity. Do some research, or at least try, before you open your mouth.

The Virtual Ranger said...

Well, that was unnecessarily rude.

I'm not at all sure it follows that because something's been around for a century, it's not daft. I agree that it's a very old-fashioned logo that looks like a symbol of a wasteful, destructive past.

And if that's "one of, if not the most, easily recognized trademarks in the world" I'd have to ask, is the commenter from the same world as the rest of us? I've never heard of the company... oh, hang on, s/he must mean THAT world. As in 'world series'...

whirdly said...

In response to Anonymous' comment:

I've heard of Sherwin-Williams and even bought paint from them, but I've never noticed that logo. Hardly one of the most easily recognized trademarks in my book. I think of the little blue Dutch boy when I think of paint company icons.

Might be time for them to rethink it because it seems environmentally unfriendly to me as well. The HH is entitled to his opinion, as are you, Anonymous. No need to be rude about disagreeing.

Natalie & Jessica's Dad said...

Boy Rich, it just goes to show ya, you can go to a great college, get an advanced degree, prove your worthiness to society, and there's still some dumbass out there who calls thinks you're stupid.

I've spent about $500 in the past year at Sherwin Williams and never saw this logo before. And if I did, I would have had the same thought you did. Not exactly the most successful branding campaign I've come across.