Sunday, July 08, 2007

High price of 3 rail fence posts takes toll on local aesthetics

In a bold move defying conventionality this person has decided to continue the fence, not with the original three tier system already in use, but with a two tier system. Was it to save on the high cost of fence rails? We can only speculate on the economic tradeoffs that caused them to defy common sense, aesthetics, or logic and impliment their rail elimination strategy. I suppose in modern fence design there is no transition that is too jarring.


The Virtual Ranger said...

That's actually kind of cute, in a rustic sort of way. I'm not sure it would keep anything in or out, mind you!

Richard Koehler said...

I see that the Virtual Ranger remains interested in the practicality of fences as well as their aesthetics. In the suburbs of the United States, fences are not important for keeping livestock in or out. Sometimes they are for keeping children and dogs in or out (we do not typically call them livestock). Sometimes strong fences make good neighbors. Mostly they are for looks.