Friday, June 15, 2007

Steampunk Internet LOL Oujia board

Not that I believe in superstitions of the sort suggested by a Ouija board, but if I had to contact the spirit of the Internet while away from my keyboard I might want to use Jeffrey Rowland's Internet Ouija board, called OuijaNet . Certainly the value and veracity of things that can be gleaned from the web of lies that is the Internet is about equivalent to the ghostly smoothness of the Ouija planchette gliding over your spirit message letter by letter, and about as quick if the broadband is screwed up.

Rowland is the (starving) artist responsible for Overcompensating, which has brought great humor in the past ("a lot" is two words! ephemerality of digital information, tinfoil hats and RLS). Since he included some LOLCATS I thought I would spruce up the picture a little. (Webcest is almost self-explanatory, and has not survived to become a new word according to Wikipedia)

As with all things there is an alterior motive, to enter the contest to win a t-shirt, mousepad and Ouija board. He should sell a computer mouse that looks like the ouija glider to compliment a mouse pad with this image (without my words of course, see right) on it.

The contest is a random drawing - I like those odds.

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