Friday, January 05, 2007

Get ready Jesus is coming.

Overcompensating has been sure to point out an article on Yahoo in which 25% of people surveyed think that 2007 is the year of the second coming of Jesus! Let's hope their apocalyptic fervor doesn't cause them to find ways to hasten the arrival of this event. (Remember you will not know the day or the time, the Son of Man comes like a thief in the night, so stop guessing already.)

Jefferey has a tinfoil hat on, which we all know will not protect him from mind control. I do like the thinly veiled reference to Futurama in the final panel. In the "Parasites Lost" episode, Fry is infected with alien intestinal worms that fix him up and improve him. He gets smarter and better, just like John Travolta in Phenomenon. The crew finally try to get rid of the parasites by travelling inside Fry a la Fantastic Voyage. They do it as as miniature remote controlled robots, instead of being shrunk in a ship.

We can only hope that Jefferey's intestinal parasites are doing him as good a turn.

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