Thursday, June 07, 2007

State Capitols Quiz - Do you know them?

I must now review my state capitols since I did so poorly on this quiz. (At least I didn't spell it capital.)

You Know Some State Capitols

You Got 15 State Capitols Correct

You may just be a very good guesser. Or you actually do remember something from elementary school!

(via Miss Cellania)


Paul Smith Jr. said...


And check the spelling of "capitols" in the headline.

whirdly said...

You fell for it again. I got 16!

Richard Koehler said...

Do typos count as spelling errors? The headline is fixed.

The Virtual Ranger said...

I got 8! I think random chance served me well. I didn't know a single one... Is there a quiz for County Towns of England? I'd probably get 10 or 11 in that.