Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Brandywine School District referendum passed due to clever (dirty) tactics

The results of the referendum vote as reported in the News Journal were 7,584 to 6,305 in favor of raising taxes. The Delaware Department of Elections doesn't have the school by school results in yet. The April 24th one was lost by 500 votes and had almost 5000 fewer voters.

The proponents (school board and administration) had really good press and a spot at every school to put these enormous signs saying vote "yes" (at Carrcroft Elementary). News Journal comments said that every school had awards functions and other activities that required parents to attend, functioning as get out the vote activities.

Those against only had our rants in the comment section of the News Journal online (scary), a few random blogs, and word of mouth.

One comment on the New Journal website put it succinctly and perhaps demonstrates the need for better math education anyway -
"The district asked for $8.9 million spread over three years rather than the $12.6 million over five years in the first vote."

While the overall amount approved ($12.6M vs $8.9M) is nearly a 30% decrease, if you look closer, you'll see that is very clever reporting by the Journal:

$8.9 million over three years equates to $2,966,000 a year.
$12.6 million over five years equates to $2,520,000 a year.
It seems that the voters approved an even greater increase in funding than the first one we voted down.

I guess ya places yer bets and ya takes yer chances.

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