Friday, May 25, 2007

"Dynamic" baseball Payroll vs. Performance chart

Ben Fry, who can program, has created a dynamic salary vs. performance chart for this baseball season. His chart connects the current standings of each team to its 2007 salary.

We don't learn much more than I realized when I plotted the salaries vs. performance for last year - there is no correlation. You can also delight in the fact that the Yankees are paying a lot of money for a very mediocre team this year.

On his chart you learn these facts with more flash and javascript. I agree his chart dynamically changes the team performance as the teams win and lose games through the season, but I think if he has gone to all this trouble it would be great to see the payroll change as teams add and drop players over the season. Paul would point out that this is still a useless chart since we have beaten to death the idea that performance does not correlate to payroll in baseball (and in many other things). He suggests you read Moneyball.

(via Castro's Favorite Color)

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