Saturday, March 24, 2007

I scream, you scream, we all scream for a reinstated Ice Cream Festival.

New Castle County is cancelling the Ice Cream Festival! This festival is probably one of the most famous and popular events to happen at Rockwood park in Wilmington. Started as a fundraising event for the mansion it was taken over by the Park system. That takeover was controversial in and of itself but now the budget problems have killed the event completely.

The article says the changes to the event calendar will save the county $341,000 but they are facing a deficit growing to $49 million in 2009. These two numbers bear no relation to each other. You only need 143 more opportunities like cancelling the ice cream festival to close the gap on the deficit. Perhaps we should be focusing on the larger ticket items. I have tried to interpret the New Castle budget, I invite you to do so yourself. They estimate they will take in $328 million this year. Perhaps they could find some way to restore the Festival.

No more Ice Cream Festival, no more fireworks?

The three comment threads (1, 2, 3) following the various articles (Cancelled events and frozen paychecks, Cancelled Ice Cream Festival, 17% tax hike) mentioning the budget and cancellation are overwhelmingly against cancellation and disgusted with County government.

For instance: -
"It becomes more clear every day that the citizens in New Castle County need to cancel the employment of the current County Executive, County Council President and the Council Person..."
I like this explanation -
"maybe he is lactose intolerant..."
Or maybe a comment on past excesses:
"Anyone remember how Tom Gordon gave away $15 million to the City of Wilmington? I think we need to put the blame where it really is...the lavish spending of Coons' predecessor. "
I remember. The county remembers. How pathetic is it when the county is now asking the City of Wilmington for money. Those two governments seem to now be in a race to be the worst managed.

I have pointed out that the citizens of the county continue to elect the same corrupt or incompetent officials to County office. Coons was around when Gordon and Freeberry pulled their stunts and now he has demonstrated that he cannot run the County.

Hey Delawareans, doesn't this upset you?

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