Saturday, February 24, 2007

Won't somebody please think of the books!

I wept when I saw this news item on SFsignal. The town of Longueuil in Quebec threw out 500,000 used books after they were confiscated from a condemned used book store. They claimed to have not found anyone who would take them. No library or school or other used book store? I will, I will. This is a tragedy and painful for a bibliomaniac like myself.

Too late they are gone, they weren't even recycled.

We can make amends to the book gods, though. This weekend there is a great used book sale at the Concord Mall in Delaware sponsored by the American Association of University Women Wilmington, DE Branch. The Book Sale runs February 22-25, 2007, through Sunday. I happen to know that Sunday will be a bag of books for $5. I have already found a ton of science fiction, science and history books for my too large collection. I want to take them home and take care of them before something horrible happens to them like the story above.

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