Sunday, February 25, 2007

I will never be president!

I failed miserably at this presidential quiz. I have a knack for picking the wrong answers it seems.

THE PRESIDENTIAL QUIZ: Just how presidential are you?

Ouch! Sorry to shatter your dreams, kid. Maybe you should spend more time working on your jump shot.

Score: 15% (3 out of 20)
(take the quiz here)

Test your own mettle against the vagaries of presidential politics and behavior. I liked the explanations at the end. As I was taking the quiz I realized the questions were from real situations and I couldn't decide if I should answer my own opinion about what was appropriate or what I recalled happened to the president involved. I answered honestly, since it was a quiz to determine if I had the skills to be president. The answer? No.

I don't feel to bad, the average score after over 6000 takers is 25%.

(from Mental Floss via Neatorama)

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