Saturday, February 03, 2007

Is there a wedge between Delaware and Pennsylvania?

The title wedge is cartographically speaking as opposed to argumentatively speaking. Technically the answer is now "no" since that was all cleared up in 1921.

Strange Maps and Mike's Musings take on the weird border between Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland over a few posts. I know I have bored many a group at a cocktail party with the trivia that Delaware is east of the Mason-Dixon line (The border is the lesser known North-South running line besides the one familiar as the southern border of Pennsylvania).

Also interesting is that the western boundary of Delaware is not exactly a straight line, some of that famous 12 mile circle pokes the border out into Maryland a little. Whereas for me this map stuff is more of a hobby, Mike has turned it into a career.

On a side note, I seem to have fallen off of Mike's Musings Delaware blog list. I wonder if I haven't been "Delaware" enough, talk to much about stuff that has nothing to do with Delaware (which is a lot of things) or said something to offend. I've been here for 16 years, I could pass as a native for a spy mission to another state if you need me to. We all have to stick together if we want to avoid an unSeparation Day.

(this shameless ploy did work for Galaxy Girl).

(notes: Separation Day, June 15, 1776, was the day the colonial General Assembly declared Delaware an independent state, I know that you all didn't know that)


Mike Mahaffie said...

Rich, sorry I dropped you, it wasn't intentional. I missed your blog when I was updating my tags last month.

I use to organize my blog-roll and add it to my sidebar via RSS. I had been tagging blogs as "delaware, general" or "delaware, political" and adding a "topten" tag to limit the on-screen list size (with a link to the whole list).

Last month (?) I switched to using "active" and "inactive" as organizing tags. I had to do that by hand and was also helping kids with homework and keeping laundry going, and cooking and watching football and so I find I have missed a few blogs.

Your use of "Delaware" in this post led to its cropping up in my Google Blogs Search for Delaware mentions. I think G-Girl's use of "Mahaffie" popped her complaint up as well.

Anyway, I've retagged you and will look to make sure that your blog is where it should be when the RSS refreshes!

Richard Koehler said...

Thanks Mike. Please keep up the interesting musings over there. I especially like the map stuff and your photos.

galaxy girl said...

Tag - you're it! Mike is such a nice guy. I prefer to say that I ask for what I want, shameless indeed :)

I used to live on the Edge of the Wedge. We paid taxes in 3 states! GO DELAWARE!