Sunday, February 04, 2007

Homunculi visit the Shellpot Creek

I spotted these tracks in conveniently frozen slush this morning. The tiny hand prints indicate that at least one homunculus has visited this area and may be preparing for something. Note the five fingers, one of which is clearly a thumb. Imagine my excitement at some real alchemical activity in my yard.

I took close-ups of two consecutive sets of tracks. Here is the second set.

There are about 16 inches from set to set. This indicates a creature that is about a third the size of a normal human. Perhaps it is Homo Floriensis. Or some thing that is familiar with the correct stud spacing in walls.

The frozen slush preserved 8 sets of tracks.

Further research suggests these are probably raccoon tracks.

The thumbs on a raccoon are not opposable but they do really make it look like they have little hands.

(homunculus picture in the alchemical test tube above is from my Life Science Library book "Matter", 1963, pg 21)

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