Wednesday, January 24, 2007

President's visit generates controversy

The title above is an extreme understatement. One of the great new things about the News Journal is that they now have comments enabled for any of their articles, including the one about the President's visit. This brings out a lot of interesting viewpoints. To be honest, it is an open invitation to the kooks, much like the rest of the Internet, including yours truly.

The comments on the President's visit variously ranged from:
  • rants about the war, both pro and con
  • rants about his hypocrisy/necessity to driving/lying/take the train when he was going to talk about reducing energy dependence
  • rants about how he has too much/not enough security surrounding him during the visit
  • rants about how traffic was going to be snarled by the visit (I saw none of this)
  • rants about how the favorite/least favorite local politician was doing/not-doing something about an unimportant/important unrelated topic
  • some completely off topic stuff that would blow your mind.
Case in point, I always thought I knew the conspiracy theories but rj360 has them down pat and actually posts them into forums:
"The Presidents of the U.S. are tools, used by societies that have been trying to create a New World Order for a few centuries. America is the base of the NWO because wars are not fought over here and we are not as influenced by European policy because the U.S. is so far away. The U.S. can also be self sustaining but greed has has created a need to be dependent on other nations. Research organizations like the Free Masons and history on the Knights Templar. Research the differences between which presidents were assassinated or an attempt was made, against those who have done what they have wanted to do. The President of the U.S. has a boss that most people do not know about and it sure isn't the people or any other branch of government. There is no democracy. Democracy is an illusion. Because you can vote doesn't mean that democracy is living."
I need to stop taking my paranoia medication and send it on to this guy. I doubt he would give me his address though, they can use that to send mind control messages to you through your teeth. Too bad tinfoil doesn't work anymore.

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