Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The president came to Delaware and all I got was this lousy bunch of links

I had high hopes of at least having pictures of my own of the presidential motorcade going up Delaware Rt 141 to the Experimental Station. But it went by either before and after I looked for it. I didn't get invited to see him at the DuPont Playhouse. It looks like DELDOT even blocked the traffic cameras as the motorcade went by so I didn't even get to see that. What a story for the grandchildren.

As a poor substitute for what would have been some really cool personal pictures, here is an impersonal link to the News Journal article and photos (Arrival at NCC Airport, Xstat, DuPont Playhouse in Wilmington, Troops at NCC Airpot). Darn those professional news outlets, with their resources and press credentials.

Coverage from,, nbc10.

I have to say that is was cool that the president, any president, visited Delaware. Any press for Delaware is good press for Delaware. It's better than murders. But for me getting to see him, close but no cigar. Maybe next election.

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