Thursday, January 04, 2007

Alleluia repurposed from Easter to Christmas

On my old street the neighbors seem to have been escalating their Christmas decorating. For instance the house with the giant snow globe from last year has two. That seems to have prompted the house across the street to add a ton of stuff.

One house has a figure holding "Hallelujah". I always thought that Hallelujah, or Alleluia was more an Easter - "He is Risen!" type of thing than a Christmas - "He is incarnated". Christmas is more Emmanual - "God is with us." Nevertheless this person went to the trouble of cutting out a figure, and applying the lights. The letters look particularly complicated.

I guess the figure is kneeling, but it looks to me like he tripped and fell while carrying some hot Hallelujah over his head. Just be careful when carrying heavy holy words.


Mike Mahaffie said...

Maybe someone is just a really big Leonard Cohen fan?

ookaboom said...

That looks like the alien that abducts me on a bimonthly basis and takes me to an extraterrestrial church service.