Thursday, December 14, 2006

Birth and death in the skies above.

I consider myself lucky that in 15,000 miles of plane flight crammed into a short time, I encountered none of the difficulties of the two trips below. The serendipity of these items begs their juxtaposition.

First class passengers on a British Airways flight had to share their cabin with a man who passed away during the flight. The grieving widow sat with the body, and it sound like the flight attendants tried to cover up the body to provide some decorum, but this would have really freaked me out.

But even as all things die there is new life. Another story reported the birth of a child on a flight from Mexico to the Chicago. Luckily there was an OB/GYN on the flight. The baby is doing fine.

Only one observation to make here -

Circle of life.

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