Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bellas Artes alive and well in Santiago

As is usual when we travel to foreign capitals, we visited the Chilean National Art Museum in Santiago (this visit was on November 17th). The "Museo de Bellas Artes" wasn't as large as in some cities but it was very enjoyable and had a good and appropriate focus on some South American artists.

The statue out front says "Unidos en la gloria y en la muerte" - "United in glory and in death",

very dramatic.

Here I am appreciating art, just before we were told no flash photography. Lucky my trusty Treo, though crappy, is a lot less conspicuous and is perfect for secret, though crappy, museum photos.

I like a little irony in my art. For instance, the piece depicted above by Alexandro Reid entitled "Maquina Burocratica" is an engine of people carved in immovable wood. I believe this reflects what good bureaucracies, governments and congresses do. Usually the only thing worse than when they do nothing is when they do something.

These pieces were part of a modern art exhibit in the first large hall of the museum. A picture of the horse head sculpture is required as it ties into the trip theme with horse back riding part of the vacation on Easter Island.

This sculpture is just creepy yet interesting.

The large puffy horse sculpture behind the museum is simply called Caballo (by Fernando Botero). Unfortunately it is covered in graffiti. Perhaps we should think of it as public participatory art, or art on art. Caballo is one of many similar sculpture and paintings throughout the world.

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The Virtual Ranger said...

I love the puffy horse! The graffiti doesn't really show in your image, it would have to be some serious vandalism to make a visual impact on that mighty form. Very nice!