Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Crazy Delaware Blue Hen News Round Up - now with more chickens

License Plates and the Delaware Blue Hen:

The other day, I think I actually saw the car driven by YoUDee, the mascot for the University of Delaware. I assume that his license plate would be "Blue hen", but that he would be unable to spell and put BLUHENS. YoUDee himself (stands for UD, University of Delaware, get it?) is a giant Delaware Blue Hen. (and can skate as shown in this picture from the University of Delaware YoUDee website)

The Delaware militia men (and eventually the University of Delaware sports teams, and Delawareans in general) got the nickname, the fighting blue hens, because of the successful breed of rooster they used in the cock fights they staged during their leisure time between battles in the Revolutionary War. Delaware troops also fought well against the British, but no chickens were used.

Roasted Chicken Anyone?

The Delmarva peninsular (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) is world famous for the chickens they raise. If you drive to the southern part of Delaware you cannot miss the chicken houses for the smell, especially if you have the top down on the convertible, whew! One Laurel chicken house staged an impromptu Fourth of July barbecue when it caught fire and killed 3000 chickens, at an estimated damage of $13,000 (about $4.33 a chicken!). Firefighters were able to douse the fire with BBQ sauce and a spicy Jamaican rub.

The 8000 survivors will not be allowed back into their home until the damage is fixed. I am thinking of taking up a collection for these poor chickens.

New Jersey's Gambling Loss is Delaware's Gambling Gain:

In a stunning example of why less government is better, New Jersey's budget balancing woes have forced them to shut down the Atlantic City casinos. New Jersey's loss is Delaware's gain as stranded gamblers are so desperate that they are boarding busses for Delaware gambling areas at Delaware Park and Dover Downs.

Only essential state employees are still on the job in New Jersey. They should be careful not to call the gambling inspectors, park rangers or anyone else on the payroll nonessential, lest the voters wake up and realize how nonessential the Governor and the State Legislature might be. The shut down of the casinos and subsequent reapportionment of gamblers between the states should be good research fodder for econometricians down the road some day. Unfortunately, you cannot gamble on cockfighting in Delaware anymore. I guess those Blue Hens finally beat all of the other chickens.

(this is to catch up from the last Delaware Crazy Blue Hen News Round Up, which had no chickens)

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