Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Delaware Crazy Blue Hen News Roundup

Two banks robbed within 15 minutes.

Thursday morning was a busy one for two incompetent bank robbers in Wilmington. One tried to rob a WSFS bank with a note but left without any money. Police already have a suspect in that crime. Fifteen minutes later another robber tries at another bank. He gets some money but witnesses get a good description. It's a good thing the crooks in Delaware are not so clever.

Charges reinstated against my favorite outgoing county administration

Even though the voters of New Castle County like to keep those associated with corrupt administrations running things, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals disagrees with an earlier court's dismissal of charges against former New Castle County Executive Thomas Gordon and his one-time aide Sherry Freebery. They have reinstated charges that Freebery received a large loan in exchange for working to approve a golf course development and that Gordon was involved in covering up the relationship. So the circus can continue and perhaps these two will be punished for their corrupt behavior. Whether this will cause a little more introspection among voters is still an open question. Now that he is back under indictment, will Gordon give up his new position on the Greater Hockessin Area Development Association board? Will Hockessin voters wise up?

Alumni upset about a donation by Capano family to prestigious Catholic Academy's
Two Delaware Catholic schools, Archmere and St. Edmund's have accepted $1 million from developer Louis J. Capano Jr. and are going to name new facilities after his parents. Delawareans are well aware of the storm of controversy surrounding the Capano family and name. Some alumni and current parents of students are so up in arms that they have started a website protesting the donations.

Walgreen's buys Delaware drug chain Happy Harry's

Huge drugstore company Walgreen's has merged with Delaware's local drugstore chain, Happy Harry's. Though they claim they will keep the local name for the time being, surely changes are afoot. This is good news for the many Delawareans with drug plans that require them to purchase drugs from Walgreens. Perhaps the former Woolworths in downtown Wilmington, now Happy Harry's, can keep its W for the change to Walgreens. Apparently we missed visit by Walgreen CEO and Chairman Dave Bernaue to a Delaware Happy Harry's before he approved the merger. Will national consolidation of these drugstores result in increased competition? Is this good for consumers?

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The Virtual Ranger said...

Intriguing stuff.. gives us foreigners some local flavour of your faraway home. But what about the hens? I had the idea that in Delaware the news was that crazy people were trying to round up blue hens. I wanted to see blue hens! That would, indeed, have been crazy. Oh, please, show me hens.