Saturday, June 17, 2006

Petroglyph Supernovas

John Barentine presented pictures of a petroglyph in the White Tank Mountain Regional Park in Arizona which he claims is a historical record of a supernova from 1006 AD. He suggests that the Scorpion symbolizes the constellation and indicates the part of the sky in which the petroglyph artist saw the bright supernova. The scorpion is on left top of the picture and the eight pointed star at the right represents the supernova.

On a horseback riding in Utah, back in 2002, I took some pictures of pictographs (painted on rock instead of incised in the rock like a petroglyph) which look more like Von Daniken's aliens and alien spaceships than astronomical records.

Here is an enigmatic picture of two men. Or is it two aliens? Here is a closeup of the left one, complete with snake (or squiggle), and eerie bulbous eyes.

Close up inspection shows some little people they both seem to be shepherding along between them.

This man, or shaman, or god, has two snakes on either side, and a strange monkey like shape worshipping one of the snakes. Is there a petroglyphist in the house to help with interpretation?

This series of figures in Temple Wash Utah is slowly breaking away from the wall, and is now missing the top half. Many of the petroglyphs are at risk from this kind of decay.

The piece of a spiral to the left of this figure may have been a target for a sliver of sun shining through a crack in the rocks that only lined up at a particular time of year, producing a crude solar calendar.

For some of the interpretation I references "Canyon County Prehistoric Rock Art" by F.A. Barnes.

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