Monday, May 22, 2006

WERCRZN license and Berry-man spotted in the wild

I saw this license plate on my travels, but it was early in the morning so my license plate translation skills were way off. Perhaps you can help?

Does it say?

We Are Crazy and...


We're Crazying

Or, perhaps they turn into dried cranberries during a full moon (an extremely rare form of lycanthropy, or is it, melosanthropy- fruitman, or coccanthropy- berry-man) and it says:


Then I noticed the vehicle that it is on, a PT Cruiser.

Oh, the license plate says:

We're Cruisin'

Apparently it was totally lost on me.

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whirdly said...

Mmmm . . . craisins.

Maybe WRCRUZN would have been better?

ookaboom said...

Well, that not going to work! (Hands rubbing, eyes narrow)