Monday, May 22, 2006

Bloom County on teaching evolution in schools

The debate between Creationism and Evolution is an old one, even in its current incarnation of Intelligent Design vs. Evolution. I can only imagine how fired up they are with the recent news that while chimpanzees and humans were becoming separate species (6 million years ago) they interbred and that these hybrids contributed significantly to the development of both species. The creationists must be going crazy.

Berkley Breathed
also saw the inherent silliness on the creationism side of the debate. He was prescient in these strips from his book, Loose Tails, from the eighties. (click for larger images)

Opus the Penguin and Milo are the stars of this series of strips.

"Did penguins evolve through the ages or were they created in Newark, New Jersey in 1912, as according to scientific penguinism?"

I have had occasion to use Milo's line under similar pointed interrogation. "Okay! I did it! I killed her husband and dumped him off the train outside of Shanghai!"

I think the judge in the Dover, PA case handled himself with a lot more aplomb.

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