Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mid-spring flowers have also started

Some bulb plants wait until later in the spring to spring. How about these gladiator alliums (I am assuming Allium giganteum). They grow to more than 4 feet tall and those onion like flowers turn into globes more than 4 inches across. They are monsters. My affectionate pet name from them is "Maximus" after my favorite fictional gladiator from the film. (not Spartacus!).

I was hoping for more than one iris this year, after many years of waiting, and last years hopeful collection of several. This year, just one.

Peonies (Peony or Paeony, family Paeoniaceae) are another perennial that produce great flowers after a few years, even though they die back completely to the ground each winter. They produce huge fragrant blooms that the ants love.

Next flower update - Hydrangeas and more peonies.

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