Monday, April 03, 2006

A nation jetlagged - Daylight savings time

The Monday after Daylight Savings Time starts in the spring is always an extra tough one because the nation (except for some parts of Indiana, Arizona, and some U.S. Territories) is still trying to adjust to the lost hour. I had no trouble coming in this morning and I will try not to be a statistic on the way home.

Don't take my word for it though. This study found a statistically significant 17% increase in traffic accidents on the spring daylight savings time Monday.


Anonymous said...

From Feb. 1 - Apr. 1 the days should be shortened by a minute to allow for transitioning gradually into DST. The opposite should be done in the fall. Then we can all be so confused that we wreck our cars while changing our watches on the way to work every day. But we'll be wide awake to enjoy the experience.

Richard Koehler said...

Thanks for your constructive suggestion anonymous. I will also be talking on my cell phone while I am adjusting my watch and driving to work.