Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Watching Woman's Olympic Curling

This Olympics I have been watching a lot of the woman's curling. I have hours and hours of it recorded on my DVR, although I keep hearing results before I get to watch them.

Unfortunately, I just missed the opportunity to join a woman's curling betting pool, I can't think of anything more obscure than betting on woman's curling (football playoff fantasy football and superbowl statistics are mundane compared to that). I am really mad I missed the chance to bet in the pool, because I could have won, since I am sure that I am watching more curling than anybody else in the pool. No amount of computation would probably be able to predict this one. Neither Wisdom of the crowd or genetic algorithms could be applied, because I really have no information (Aren't you scared I thought of it, though?).

is the sport with the 42 lb stones they slide on the ice to a target. It is interesting to watch because it isn't just "wack the opponent's rocks" out of the circles (called the house); there is strategy involved. I also enjoy the Canadian/Minnesota accent of the announcers, certainly a humorous accent to an east-coaster like myself. I suppose it's surprising that I should have an interest. Perhaps it is due to the similarity to bocce or lawn bowling, or just it's obscurity.

I suspect the popularity is higher this year because the US Woman's team has some really cute girls, and the human interest story of the two Johnson sisters on the team. They have their own website over at , where you can leave comments wishing them luck. After starting 0 and 3, they have finally won a match against Denmark. I am hoping for more victories for them going forward. U S A !


Pedro said...

They sure is sexy. Except for the fat one.

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