Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This one is full of bull

Some days I think about putting a mad bull in my front yard or roaming around in back to keep out those pesky neighborhood kids or dissuade people from parking behind my house. I am not sure I have enough space. I wasn't thinking about using one of those friendly running with the bulls type of bull either.

Apparently this is quite a problem in the U.K. where folks are so annoyed when people walk through their fields that also contain rights of way that they sometimes put bulls in the field it to scare people away. This happens often enough there is a law against it. You cannot put bulls in fields which have rights of way running through them. You can't put any other dangerous animals in either so forget all of those other ideas you were thinking of. I imagine that this idea has many possibilities for a funny movie or two. Maybe it only has enough humor for a short internet clip.

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