Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow (traffic) cones sprout in Wilmington

Like flowers blooming in the desert after a rain, so do the traffic cones sprout after a snow in Wilmington. I have captured a picture of some cones in their wild state. They need only a clearing of the area to produce saved parking spaces.

We got ten inches of snow last night over about a twelve hour snowfall, which is actually quite a lot of snow for little ole' Delaware. I like to think that in Delaware we combine the worst of the northern snows with the worst of the southern panic about snow. I am sure that the ten inches started out a little higher and was compacted by the time I got to it, because it was heavy.

So today is a Sunday of shoveling and snow and traffic cones. It's a quandary, saving parking spaces is illegal in Wilmington, but parking in someone else's cleared space is rude. I like to put my car in the garage or park behind my house to avoid the whole situation. What do you think? Please post your reply in the comments - Is saving spaces appropriate? Is parking in someone else's freshly cleared spot rude?

1 comment:

whirdly said...

Why did they even bother to put cones up in a space they hadn't even cleared?