Thursday, February 09, 2006

Please complete your daily ablutions at home!

Many a day when I drive to work I see some woman in my rear view mirror putting on her mascara or lipstick, or other wise completing her morning. While I have always been one to trade sleep for almost any activity in the morning, and I appreciate the extra sleep time that saving makeup for the car gives, I would want to finish my morning ritual at home in front of a stationary mirror instead of in the car for all the world to see.

Yesterday I got to watch a guy shave as he drove into work. Doesn't he care about all of the little shaving bits of stubble dirtying up his car or the shirt he is wearing? I was more than a little turned off by his public shaving.

This morning was the last straw.

I was able to get a picture in my rear view mirror so you could see for yourself what the rest of traffic saw. This guy didn't even have his hands on the wheel, and I would have worried that with all of the water and soap from the shower, that his hands would have been very slippery anyway. What some people won't do to grab a few extra winks in the morning. Showering on your way into work is taking multitasking to a ridiculous extreme.


whirdly said...

I think you need to practice your photoshopping a little more, but otherwise a good point. Ever see people reading the newspaper at stoplights? You know you're going to have to beep at him to get him moving when the light changes because he's going to miss it.

Bex said...

I think I have you all beat. When I was in sales, in New Orleans, I was driving my minivan on I-10, I look down and see two guys in business suits smoking joints! That's right "pot", "Mary Janes", "doobies", "gonja" get my point. I'm not quite sure if I was pissed or jealous because I was working which brings me back to the "I Hate Work" Film Festival.