Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hit and Run? Escape into the marsh in Delaware

Last night on Interstate 95 in Delaware two teenagers got into a traffic accident. Then it got really weird. When one of them, a young lady, got out to examine the damage she was (allegedly) struck by a third driver who then took off. That hit and run driver's car broke down and the driver ran off into the marsh on the side of the road to avoid capture. Then she made a cell phone call!

Zebley said she is not sure if Cruz immediately jumped over the guardrail and into the marsh, but at some point she called family from a cell phone.

"She called my uncle and she explained that she was in the bushes," said Cruz's nephew, Milton Albino. "Then the phone cut off."

Linda Rodriguez, Cruz's niece, said Cruz was using a prepaid cell phone that ran out of minutes when she called.

They found the woman unconscious in a parking lot near the marsh this morning. She is being treated for hypothermia. In Delaware we don't have to make up wacky traffic accident stories. I couldn't top this crazy one anyway. All we need to add is another prisoner chained to her and it can be like the chain gang escape in "O Brother, Where Art Thou".

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