Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rosa Parks anniversary fraught with irony

Fifty years ago today Rosa Parks refused to give up here seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama and started a protest that galvanized the civil rights movement in the South. Today cities across the United States are commemorating this date by reserving the front seat of the bus.
"All buses in Montgomery paid tribute to Parks by leaving a seat empty with a display commemorating her act. Other bus systems around the country had similar displays."
Does anyone else see the irony of paying tribute to Rosa Parks refusal to give up her seat and her fight against seating restrictions on blacks by not allowing anyone to sit in a seat in the front of a bus?


whirdly said...

I noticed the irony too! Good, thought I might have been the only one.

steve said...

Ironic, but not a bad idea for that. This way the busses reenact one part of the story (enforcing the rule) and the passengers another (giving Rosa a seat).