Friday, December 02, 2005

It's not Christmas yet!

Let me point out something to my non-Catholic friends out there (and to some of my Catholic ones as well). Technically speaking, it is not the Christmas season yet. Right now it is Advent, which is the church season where we wait for Jesus to be born. The Christmas season actually starts with the Feast of the Nativity(Dec 25th, so that's what it is called) and ends with the Presentation at the Temple a few weeks after Christmas, and includes the Mary, Mother of God, Holy Innocents and other good stuff. It is hard not to play or listen to any Christmas music before Christmas, but one good carol/hymn is "O Come O Come Emmanuel" which is appropriate for the season, and is a song about Jesus coming not one about him already being here.

All those songs with Christmas in the title or lyrics are for after Dec 25th, although I don't expect anyone to have the discipline to avoid it, except the choir at church.

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