Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Like lambs to the slaughter

A favorite TV chef of mine, Jamie Oliver, is embroiled in a controversy in which he slaughtered a lamb on television. He gives some pretty convincing reasons for why he did it. He said,
"It's a beautiful creature, but it is tasty and we are top of the food chain. A chef who has cooked 2,000 sheep should kill at least one, otherwise you're a fake."
I realize that there are a lot of reasons why people become vegetarians
  • Some vegetarians are vegetarian because they are squeamish.
  • Some because they are principled about the suffering of animals.
  • Some because they have thought about the impact that man has on the planet and the energy and resources it takes to raise animals for meat.
The general responses to the article were of the squeamish type. Most were offended that the slaughter was on TV pre-watershed, which I think is the time after which it is expected that children are not watching. The other funny thing was that people complained that the procedures for slaughtering animals in Great Britain were not followed. That's OK, the animal was slaughtered in Italy, beyond the reach of the UK legal system. The hysteria surrounding the incident was palpable.

I have never slaughtered an animal, though I have eaten many, maybe I should try it before I offer an opinion on the topic.


whirdly said...

Death happens. And sex too. Why people insist on shielding children from these things is unknown to me. Do those people think kids shouldn’t know where their chicken fingers come from? Oooh - now I want to tell the children of the complaining parents that chicken fingers are the really the fingers of chickens and are chopped off one at a time. Maybe it would be better if they knew the truth?

Richard Koehler said...

Thanks for the disturbing comment whirdly. I am glad you didn't try to mix sex and chicken fingers to make your point. I can just barely handle death and chicken fingers.

...you mean... they can't play the piano anymore ... or pick their beaks?