Saturday, September 24, 2005

Baseball been bery good to me.

I am certainly not a sports freak by any measure, but I do wake up and notice the baseball standings this time of the year to get ready for the playoffs.

Normally the Phillies stop playing baseball in August and blow whatever chances they have for the playoffs. Today they are only one game behind Houston, so I hope they keep playing and make it. I wouldn't mind cheering for my home town team again in the playoffs.

More concerning is the situation in the American League East. I should first explain that when it comes to sports teams I am more of a hater than lover. I know - don't be a hater - but I can't help it. For instance everyone hates the Dallas Cowboys in football. Everyone hates the Atlanta Braves in baseball. I hate all the New York teams but mostly I hate the Yankees. With the Yankees in first instead of the Boston Red Sox, I am worried that I will have to listen to playoff games with the Yankees uness the Red Sox overtake the Yankees' one game lead.

Boo Yankees!
Go Red Sox
Go Phillies!

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