Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Contributing to the maelstrom.

I am a compulsive reader. I also love trivia and new information. I imagine myself to be a sink of information because I love to learn things. I try to be a source as I pass on what I learn because the great thing about knowledge is that you lose nothing in the giving. My know-it-all status is painfully apparent yet lovingly excused by my associates. It is less an "I know and you don't" as a "did you know this obscure and not really useful"; so please don't let it put you off. I have been using the old fashioned communicating face to face method of passing on these tidbits but now I will add a weblog to my list of tools. Move over as I jump on the bandwagon.

There is probably nothing new to be said about the weblog phenomena, so that is all I will say, except to say that I love to read them. Everyday someone provides new reading material for me, what a great system. I thought that I would finally try to contribute something back into the dialogue.

My blog title is chosen to keep me humble. I submit this paradox: If you admit that you are a hypocrite, are you one? I will offer my opinions and you can take them apart. Don't believe what people say, even me, without asking for the references and understanding both the intended message and the messenger. I'll try to do that proactively but I admit I am full of it most of the time; so is everyone else.

That caveat being given, let's all try to be entertained. There is no theme here but what interests me. The Web is large enough that someone will find it amusing (I know of at least one person, you know who you are). I read a lot of science fiction, historical novels, non-fiction books of a historical, mathematical, econometrical, and scientific bent. I watch too much or not enough TV depending on the study you choose. I go on some interesting trips and meet some interesting people. I garden and dance and ride horses and play tennis. I live and love. You may assume that the subjects here will be derived from those experiences.

Don't look here for links to someone else's blog composed of links to someone else's blog composed of links to someone else's blog - ad infinitum. That has been done to death. When even I started catching up to the supposedly cutting edge blogs and saw items before they appeared in one or another, and on the Today show for goodness sake, I knew I had to write a blog that didn't do that. I do however reserve the right to throw in a link or two as references because that is only fair to the reader. There will probably be no rules here or lots of seriously stated and then broken ones here. You may hold me to them as appropriate.

Welcome. Keep me honest. Let me entertain you.

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