Monday, August 01, 2016

Who has voted so far and who the candidates have to woo to win.

Howard liked this infographic from the Times, but wished it was all together.  Some simple MSPaint work produced this:

From the article

  • 103 million of them are children, noncitizens or ineligible felons, and they do not have the right to vote.
  • 88 million eligible adults do not vote at all, even in general elections.
  • An additional 73 million did not vote in the primaries this year, but will most likely vote in the general election.
  • The remaining 60 million people voted in the primaries: about 30 million each for Republicans and Democrats.
The candidates have to woo those who voted, even from other candidates, those who didn't but might, and maybe energize those that have never voted.

(Note:  How can you not vote!?)

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