Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cut off by crazy woman

This lady cut me off yesterday on my way home from work on the dreaded Tyler MConnell bridge on Rt 141 northbound.  The notorious bridge requires the northbound travelling traffic to go from two lanes down to one, the left lane. to go over the two lane bridge.

I am aggrieved if I move into the left lane because then the right lane people try to squeeze in ahead of you as the lanes end.  If I stay in the right lane then I have to squeeze in and become what I despise.  I suppose we  need to fill up the lanes and then alternate at the end.  All of this is aggravated by the light at the end of the bridge at the DuPont Experimental Station that let;s traffic go out of the Station onto the bridge.  To stay on Rt 141 north bound traffic must make a left.

I would have the light remain green for us northbounders making the left and only allow right turning traffic out of the Station from 4pm to 6:30pm on weekdays.   They also need to build another bridge there somday so it is four lanes going through, but there probably isn't the room.  More than 25,000 cars go through that intersection a year! (.pdf link to report)

So I post this pciture in my public forum to shame her bad driving.  Also you can't have a rosary hanging from your rear view window if you are not going to drive like a Christian or like Mary would.  Seems a bit hypocritical, and I am an expert on that.

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